MotionLED Technology has developed a wide range of capabilities to deploy intelligent advertising solutions to support opportunities within the transit media market


Digital panels create huge standout advertising messaging, with significant cut-through to reach consumers on the street in high pedestrian areas. By its very nature, motion based media brings the advertising message to where the people are and reaches consumers in locations that other outdoor media cannot.

In one of the most sophisticated outdoor advertising markets in the world – London, Exterion Media, a leading UK out of home media owner together with specialist outdoor creative Hive Associates, partnered with MotionLED Technology to deliver a fleet of iconic red London Buses equipped with our intelligent digital advertising panels. BusLED is our proprietary ultra-thin LED advertising screen, supported and managed by AdCast, our cloud-based media management platform. With geofencing and geolocation capability AdCast provides complete control and management of every aspect of the screens and associated campaigns.

BusLED screens deliver high impact, intelligent advertising campaigns, delivering relevancy, reach and control. BusLED……..always on, always around and always on the move!

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AdCast is our content and management platform; a cloud based interactive SaaS management tool delivering intelligent content and screen performance management in real-time. Through geofencing and geolocation content control functionality AdCast delivers hyper-relevant targeting and management capabilities, where messaging can change as often as is desired.

Campaigns can be set to react automatically and respond to a whole range of rapidly changing circumstances and parameters – date, time, location, temperature and even available inventory.

Our API’s enable the integration and inclusion of dynamic external data-feeds offering a huge range of possibilities for intelligent product and location based campaign messaging.

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Transit Media

Transit or transport media is the term used to describe the use of advertising on a wide range of vehicles, principally including, buses, trains, trams and taxis. Additionally, advertising can be carried on many other forms of transport including, vans & trucks, cars and bikes. Every major city in the world has a planned network of public transport and authorities are keen to explore the opportunities to further commercialise each network through the use of advertising.

Transit media is unique in that more often than not, buses, trains and taxis are concentrated where people are located, making it the perfect environment to deliver advertising messages. With the proliferation of data and consumer insights and the advent of technology, current transit media opportunities are now more powerful and effective than every before.