Transforming Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) 


MotionLED Technology is an international media technology company enabling the delivery and management of digital content on high resolution, moving displays (on buses and other vehicles) enabling real-time, secure, interactive content update on a geo-targeted basis through its AdCast service management system and services.

MotionLED has solved the problems beset by poster based advertising on buses by digitising the medium with patent pending, high resolution, automotive grade, ultra-thin displays, incorporating an intelligent power management system, and “intelligent” LED tiles with a wifi/mobile network interface and GPS location system meaning that the media owner can track all the bus fleet and determine or confirm what advert has appeared where and when.

With MotionLED technology solutions, advertisers can now create real-time, targeted message delivery across video display anytime, anywhere, while media owners can now offer a premium advertising system that would attract premium rates with significant improvement of the viewers' experience.