Performance, intelligence, accountability


The MotionLED Technology team of expert screen technologists, developers and media executives combine 50 + years of experience in delivering intelligent ‘AdTech’ solutions for the global transit media industry.

With headquarters in London, the company serves an expanding team of local and global media and transport partners across, EMEA, Asia and the USA.

We enable our clients to deliver powerful and intelligent media campaigns with targeted, relevant and data-driven messaging to create the vey best in “near and now” broadcast advertising.


Buses go where people go and for over 150 years brands have been exploiting such mobility with transport advertising. Format limitations and little in the way of technology prevented much progress in this highly effective advertising medium….until now.

Only recently, innovation in marketing technology has enabled huge steps forward in transport advertising. Leading media owners have actively explored and developed break-through techniques in bus advertising in particular. With the advent of digital screens, data availability and mobile technology, advertisers are now embracing cutting edge solutions in the delivery of intelligent campaigns with greater relevancy, cut-through and immediacy.

Consumers today are over-whelmed with the sheer volume of advertising messages; the challenge, as always, is to ensure advertising delivers, targeted relevancy and impact. As an outdoor medium, transit media is one of the most powerful “amplifiers” for brands to use and with the advancement of data-enabled technology its’ effectiveness in taking the message to the people is unparralled.


Our flagship solution, BusLED is just one of a number of exciting developments from MotionLED Technology in delivering world class innovative digital transit media solutions.

Our screen expertise and proprietary AdCast software management platform are central to our vision and offering of “intelligent connectivity” in outdoor broadcast advertising.

With the integration of first and third party data sources and streamlined functionality, coupled with the onset of automated new technologies including Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality, advertisers are set to see ever more exciting developments in the way messaging is planned, delivered and consumed. BusLED is at the forefront of such innovation.

Performance, intelligence, accountability, and measurement are now mainstream attributes in modern media and will continue to gain strength as media companies and technologists work closer together.