High Resolution, Lightweight, Ultra-thin display for Buses

BusLED is a new range of digital displays for the sides of buses. BusLED allows video, animation and still image displays on the sides of buses. Unlike traditional LED displays, BusLED addresses the specific requirements of the bus marketplace, namely:

  • Depth of display at 21 mm to ensure that the display is no wider than the existing extremities of the bus
  • Smart Power Management System to ensure minimum use a power and prevent interference with normal bus operation
  • High Resolution, 6 mm pitched LED's, 4000+ nits brightness
  • Ruggedised IP 65 design to enable the display to operate in the harsh conditions of a bus environment (extreme hot and cold, rough surfaces and stop / start motion)


BusLED is managed by LiteCast, a state-of-the-art management system that enables variable and targeted content scheduling and playlist management enabling flexible inventory management. An advertising agency friendly user interface enables campaign and client playlist management on a variable schedule which can be dynamically changed fro date, time and geographical location. For more information click here. 

BusLED Wicked.JPG

BusLED provides a unique opportunity for public transport operators and advertising agencies to transform their bus fleets into a fully connected, high quality, digital signage network. 

The BusLED system is a transit-advertising medium, attached to the bus within pre-existing advertising space, allowing advertisers to display a range of content types from various brands within a single content wheel. Advertising agencies benefit from these features, as do the advertisers who can quickly and easily launch new campaigns reaching viewers in previously unattainable locations. 

BusLED is comprised of  a number of LED Tiles, that enable a range of standard sizes, designed to fit the typical UK and US bus advertising space. Custom sizes can be provided on an RPQ basis.