MotionLED’s trademarked Transport Designed product line is based on 10 years of experience of building products to fit in or on moving vehicles.  Based on technology and concepts pioneered by LiteLogic a number of years ago and deployed on buses around the world, MotionLED’s new generation of Bus, Taxi and wheel based digital signage.

The term Transport Designed (trademarked), encompasses the thought and design put in to the products to make them both robust for use in rigorous conditions as well as using high spec automotive components and product features to make the display operate with extreme and impressive clarity in all weathers and light conditions while moving.

Unlike competitive moving displays which tends to use “off the shelf” outdoor display technology, MotionLED’s displays use proprietary and custom designs. 

With the Litecast management system, geo located advertising and real-time message display (confined to zones or open) can be delivered to targeted audiences.