ADCast is a complete management system for all MotionLED digital displays.

It is provided as a managed service, or SAAS (Software As A Service), where MotionLED provides an interface to allow its customers to manage content, while MotionLED monitors the health of the buses and reports on usage etc.

The user interface is a web application that allows users to manage all aspects of a Bus display network. It is a flexible solution that accommodates BusLED, TaxiLED, CircLED and AutoLED display systems with the potential to manage third-party displays.

The key benefits of using ADCast are:

•    Web application with low bandwidth requirements, including access via a mobile network

•    Tailored booking model to ensure ROI on digital signage network

•    Ability to target specific markets especially mobile displays via GPS and advanced content capabilities

•    Software As A Service: no set up time, no hardware costs, no bandwidth costs and scales automatically

•    Subscription scales with quantity of displays (volume pricing)

•    Security focused, including two factor authentication over encrypted protocols

•    Efficient Operational Capabilities for internal or external maintenance of display network

•    Bespoke Feature Development


The core features of ADCast are:


•    Supports video and static content (avi, mov, wmv, flash, jpeg, png)

•    Dynamically generated content

•    Content is checked to comply with screen and booking parameters

•    Content is automatically delivered to screens



•    Flexible booking parameters: date range, number of spots, specific hours, spot length, screen selection

•    Direct messaging: type a message for immediate delivery. Also used as an amber alert facility

•    Conditional playback: different content may be set to play depending on direction, gps location, and blackout location 

•    Availability check to implement booking model with a ‘book what is left’ option



•    Playback reporting, detail of exactly when a booking was played for a date range or the booking period

•    Gps reporting – detail of where specific content was played and in what areas and how often

•    Inventory overview of how much space is booked/ available on your entire network.


Display Management & Diagnostics

•    Content Transfer Status to individual displays or across the entire network

•    Display Playlist - historically, presently and in the future

•    24/7 helpdesk support and display monitoring service

•    Automated software rollout to your displays

•    Large scale player configuration management

•    Display health report including a snapshot in time history tool

•    Map of current location of unit showing thumbnail of last content played

•    Heatmap showing playback density over a geographic area

•    Dashboard gives high level overview of the health of your fleet

•    Wealth of low level display detail which can go as far as Voltages,

•   Temperatures, humidity, FPS, CPU, memory and bandwidth usage.