About MotionLED Technology Group Ltd.


The group company, based in the UK and Hong Kong, is a technology enabler for the advertising industry to create mobile digital advertising, updateable in real-time and able to focus on delivering relevant messages in specific locations at specific times of the day.

Todays focus is on Bus side or rear advertising, but its automotive grade technology can be applied to any high resolution, mobile display, where thinness, low weight and intelligence (e.g. on board tile diagnostics) is important.

With the ability to control and update messages in real-time, our technology enables you to always be up to date with the latest social trends or topical stories, and interactive with mobile devices that turns all DOOH media into a Social Commerce Opportunity.

The group company enables Bus Operators or media owners to deliver new advertising either by purchasing its products directly, or by forming a business relationship with MLT, for instance in the form of a joint venture, where MLT will either arrange finance, rent or provide other means of delivering a solution, based on a revenue shared model.

The group currently operates in the UK and Hong Kong.